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Marijampolės sav., LT-69105

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About us

JSC Gikra is a private Lithuanian capital company, successfully operating since 1998. The company’s main activities include woodworking, planing, and cutting. We produce pallet boards for Euro pallets as well as construction timber of various dimensions.

Our production is intended for both the local market, and EU countries. 35% of our output is sold in the local market, which means that the remaining 65% are exported to the EU countries. Pallet boards comprise the largest share of production, which is a basis for Euro pallets.


For 21 years we have been cutting our production only using Lithuanian timber, which accounts for as many as 1,000 m3 per month.


Our goal is leadership in our field.


The certificate that we are one of the strongest companies in Lithuania, which we get every year since 2015, proves that we settle with our partners and suppliers in a good faith and as fast as possible, and also we guarantee flawless quality of our products.

Our advantages?


All orders are accepted and carried out in a timely manner


Our company is financially stable and has many


We employ only skilled professionals


We use only Lithuanian raw materials, production quality is guaranteed